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Helfende Hände

Every amount donated helps the children of KKEV Cambodia to grow up in a safe and secure environment and to acquire school and vocational qualifications. This enables them to end the cycle of poverty and develop prospects for their future.

95% of every CHF donated goes to KKEV Cambodia. The use of the donations is monitored by the organisation Kinderhilfe Kambodscha e.V. Aachen.

EUC is a tax-deductible organisation and sends out the donation statements electronically by the end of February for the previous year.


Donations for the children's village

A sponsorship of CHF 117 (USD 133) per month and CHF 1,400 per year (USD 1,600) ensures the basic care of a child in the Children's Village. This includes housing, food, clothing, school fees and materials, additional school support, medical care and leisure activities in the children's village as well as a vocational training program after leaving school.

Donations for the Street Children Program (SCP)

A sponsorship of CHF 28 (USD 32) per month and CHF 340 (USD 385) per year ensures the current basic care of a child in the Street Children Program. This includes the cost of school materials and uniforms, remedial lessons in maths and Khmer, support and monitoring of school development, a hot meal a day and basic medical care. In addition, the SCP organizes a small party for the children every year to celebrate the Cambodian New Year.

The sponsorships aim to strengthen the community, which is why the sponsors are not assigned to an individual child. The aim is to strengthen the children's self-confidence and their sense of self-determination and autonomy. We want to avoid them feeling dependent on the support of a single sponsor. Support that can be cancelled at any time for a variety of reasons can lead to insecurity among the children. And above all, no children should feel excluded if they cannot be assigned to a sponsor.

If you are interested in having personal contact via pen friend with one of the children, we will be happy to arrange this for you - please contact us at

Monetary donation

Any donation of your choice, one-off or regular, is very welcome. Donations secure the maintenance of both facilities, every suisse franc donated makes a difference for the children of KKEV Cambodia. For a regular donation of your choice, simply set up a standing order in our favour. You will find the bank details below.

Project donation

With a project donation, you support a specific project that can be realized with your support:


A playground is important for the children to play and make new friends, experience to be part of a group, develop self-confidence, learn to deal with conflicts and so on.

In the children's village there are swings and a pyramid field for smaller children, but most of the equipment is old and can no longer be repaired. The street children's program (SCP) in the Sen Sok community does not (yet) have a playground for the children.

Your donation for this project will help to purchase and install play equipment for the children's village and the street children's program. The cost of two slides, two large swings and an outdoor trampoline is CHF 8,000.

Basketball court

The children's village has a football pitch where the children love to play football and sometimes volleyball. However, the football pitch cannot be used for basketball as basketball requires a harder surface.

Your donation for this project will help to build a basketball court and to purchase and install basketball hoops. The costs amount to CHF 5,200.

Building repairs

The site of the children's village is located on a former rice field and is surrounded by many ponds. Over time, the ground has subsided and caused damage to five of the eight houses in which the children live. Wherever possible, the damage is repaired by our team on site, but tradesmen have to be paid for major damage. The costs amount to CHF 7,500.

A school bus to take the children to school

Our current 'school bus' is an old truck, built in 1994, which has been driving the children of KKEV to school since 2004. It is also used for excursions and to transport wood or garden materials. It is now so old and rusty that it is no longer safe and has to be constantly repaired. The acquisition cost of a 'new' used minibus in good condition with 25 seats is around CHF 17,000.

Empower Underprivileged Children Association
c/o Kellerhals Carrard KIG
Rämistrasse 5
8001 Zurich

Telephone: +41 (0) 79 294 14 01

Bank: Raiffeisen Switzerland
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